Nylon Canvas Rugged Metal Belt Loops Pouch (GVPC-VTIP6NL-BK)

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Nylon Canvas Rugged Metal Belt Loops Pouch
Durable GeveyBox nylon rugged case fits the iPhone 6 6S (Universal for all carriers) with a heavy duty hybrid case
• Metal belt clip and belt loop under the clip for extra security and portability.
• Snap closure ensures phone is secure.
• Velcro closure with soft inside cushioning.
• Rugged thick nylon material designed to weather tougher conditions.
• Convenient stylus pen holder on the outside of the case.
• Nylon/Metal
• Compatibility: with a hybrid case on the phone. Case is not recommended for single layer or thin protector.
Dimensions: Inside Dimensions approx 5.75″ x 2.85″ x 0.5. (Inches)

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